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Goodbye Healthy Times

For those that didn’t know, Healthy Times Fun Club was a semi-secret space for music on Capitol Hill that hosted countless shows of all genres for the last five or so years. Every single show was all-ages and alcohol was strictly prohibited (not because of straight edge beliefs, but to keep the space safe for all ages). Anyone that has been in a band, especially a touring one, knows how important spaces like this are to a city and its inhabitants.

They hosted bands playing their first show, nationally established bands and everything in between. It truly honored the title of “All-Ages”, creating a space that teenagers, college students and adults could enjoy safely together. On top of all of the aforementioned, small touring bands could actually make gas money from donations at the door. A week or so ago, the fire department and DPD took notice of all of the undocumented activity there which lead to their eviction.

Limits brought on by the cost of permits, licenses, construction, zoning and more make spaces like this absolutely impossible to “legitimize” themselves in the eyes of the city while continuing to operate in the same manner. There are spaces like Healthy Times all over the country that are starting up or closing down all the time. If you go to a show at one of these spaces please respect its operators, its surrounding houses or businesses and its partial (or total) secrecy in order to keep it going.


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