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New Records 4/26

I have been pretty bad about updating the site when new records come in, but here are some new ones for the week.
  • Sonics – “Here Are the Sonics”
  • X – “Los Angeles”
  • Beastie Boys – “Aglio E Olio”
  • Maladie – “Maladie” (Hardcore from Mexico)
  • Murder City Devils – “Murder City Devils”
  • Git Some – “Git Some” (Ex-Planes Mistaken For Stars)
  • Lou Reed – “Live: Take No Prisoners”
  • Paul McCartney – “Ram”
  • Tim Barry – “Manchester”
  • Curtis Mayfield – “Superfly”
  • Pogues – “Peace and Love”
  • Rocky Votolato – “True Devotion”

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  1. I heard some non-Waxwing Rocky Votolato for the first time last week. Really good stuff.

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